The Health and Wealth Connection


I don't believe that anybody can have a true abundance in ANY area of their life without first feeling immensely confident in themselves. And the main determining factor in any person’s confidence is how they feel about their physical being (or their body); and the shape and health of a

The Effects of Over-training on Women’s Health


Countless women nowadays are striving to lose weight some restrict their food intake and engage in intense exercise routines. The long list may include athletes, super models, and ordinary women who believe that “thin is sexy.” These individuals tend to exercise too much and eat too little. Women who engage

The Best Golf Fitness Exercises For The Junior Golfer

junior golfer

We receive many questions about the junior golfer and golf fitness programs. The questions are on a number of different topics, but they generally fall into three or four different categories. Typically the questions are; at what should a junior golfer begin utilizing golf fitness exercises, how often should a

The Best Golf Fitness Exercise To Improve The Power In Your Golf Swing

golf swing

The game of professional golf has transformed over the years. Many spectators, journalists, and pros themselves state that golf is now a game of power. Driving distance is integral to winning on Tour, club manufacturers gear much of their advertising around the “power game”, and it is a wish of

The 24 Hour Fitness Center

24 hour fitness center

The 24 Hour fitness center is like your one stop shop to everything about fitness and your well-being.  Imagine it as the Wallmart of the fitness industry. Twenty Four Hour fitness centers are located in a number of areas in the state.   All of them have equipments which cater to

Supplements a Fitness Beginner Needs


One of the most frequently asked questions that someone new to fitness  will ask is "What beginner- supplements should I take?" The answer to that isn't a simple one: you don't need to take any supplements, especially when you are a beginner; However, supplements can be very good for your

Summer Fitness for Busy Women

summer fitness

It’s summertime, and the living is easy – except when you have to think about putting on an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini! But don’t worry, there’s still time to get in shape to strut your stuff on the beach or the boardwalk with summer fitness.   These tried-and-tested exercises can give

Stoke Your Body’s Furnace With Low Carbohydrate Food


Though there are many different low carbohydrate diet plans, they are based on the same principles. When carbohydrate food (such as starches and sugars) is consumed, the body's blood sugar level rises. To counteract high blood sugar levels, the body releases insulin, which in turn increases fat storage and decreases

Stay Healthy With Meditation – Learn How To Meditate


Wondering how people who live to be 100 with a great quality of life do it? In his book, “Aging Well,” Harvard researcher, George Vaillant, M.D., found out just what centurions do. They cultivate a sense of peace, well-being and maintain a positive attitude. How? Here’s one of their biggest

Starting A Fitness Program For Seniors


As people age their beliefs about themselves change, and one of those beliefs is about their ability to lead an active lifestyle. Many seniors believe that they can no longer exercise like they used to when they were young. In many cases this may be true. However, studies show that