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Bike For Fun And Fitness

Excellent health is based on aerobic strength, flexibility, and fitness. All of these are significant. For a healthy heart, any type of aerobic exercise is good. Normally, this needs a movement that is continued over a period of time and that uses the power of your arms and legs. This kind of workout makes your heart work harder. Aerobics causes your body to burn fat for energy and use oxygen. Cycling is a good example of aerobic activity.


Cycling is an excellent exercise for people with high blood pressure or heart disease. Research shows that cycling is actually better for reducing blood pressure than more intense activities like jogging.


Eventually, it strengthens and conditions your heart.


The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend cycling, for healthy individuals and low-risk cardiac patients.


Cycling has following benefits:


  • increase your endurance
  • flexibility is increased
  • stimulates sexual desire
  • muscles that support joints are strengthened
  • improve your remembrance and attentiveness
  • keeps you in shape
  • reduces stiffness and ache
  • ability to perform daily tasks is enhanced
  • makes you feel good
  • reduces sleep disorders and improve your sleep
  • increase your confidence
  • help you feel more confident
  • reduce nervousness


This century is certainly of fear and doubt, but this is a century of uproar, hatred, clash, insanity, exploitation, brutality, corruption, this century is of terrorism, this century of instant profit, so humans are depressed and hurt.


How about biking when you are depressed?




How about going out there biking and seeing beautiful world GOD made just for you? How about feeling that cold breeze? How about taming all those mountains? How about chasing the sun by biking towards the sun?


Man, it feels great, trust me.


Do you remember how many sports and games you played as a kid? Do you remember how many times you fell while biking? Don’t give up on it, it felt great, no? Let’s pedal back to the time of cheery delight. The bicycle is the best way to have fun while staying healthy and fit. And age is no barrier to biking. Who knows? Who you might meet along the way!


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